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According to the ancient Philosopher Aristotle, the Communication is recognized by nature and position, above the human social organization life in progress and sustainability (including the environment & climate protection, and the principle of biodiversity). Consequently, the social character of the Communication lays to the essential character of the of human life and the biological diversity stand on encountering the animals by means of sex, founding the Communication and the Information, for mutual scientific approaching.

More specifically, there are referred the following:

First The Information, as far as it is recognized as “public good”, is classified as “public infrastructure”, implying control of the public good of   Frequencies, as well as the radio-TV means and the material Press and Publications.

Second The Information has been recognized with the social mission of “equal information” as kit of multiple role in political decision making, enterprises management, central and regional government, Public Corporations and broadly of the “Governance”. 

Third The Information is placed as basic factor of the Advertisement and Marketing, Fashion, etc., with all available printed and radio-TV means.  It implies anymore great significance for the customership, the consumer behavior and socio-economic position.

Fourth The social mission of the Information has driven to the so-called phenomenon of the “asymmetric information”: which leads to economic and social mismanagement and corruption crisis, undermining development and sustainability.

Fifth It has been pointed out   a phenomenon of ethical danger undermining the “Corporate Social Responsibility»   and consequent risks of serious impairing, concentration and severe threats to economic development and social stability.

Sixth there have been identified characteristic threatening cases “misinformation” & propagandas for global peace and sustainability: (a) the “national socialism” & the “state socialism”, which as Fascism and Nazism have been related with the last two world wars (b) the trend of global concentration of wealth and income in the uncertain world, which is considered as real threat to Peace and sustainability in this Planet up to 2050.